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Drive to Help Elementary School Displaced by Sandy

Looking for a way to help in the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts?  Consider donating school supplies or your old children’s and young adult books to help a fellow HSS student’s alma mater, displaced by the storm:


“I’m from a small shore town on one of the barrier islands (near Seaside), and the entire town remains evacuated after Sandy.  My little sister’s elementary school (my alma mater), Lavallette Elementary, is inaccessible, and will remain that way through the rest of the school year. In the meantime, they are renting out CCD classrooms from a Greek Orthodox Church in Toms River, NJ in order to keep the students in school.  The classrooms have a few desks and whiteboards (I know the Board of Ed is working on getting more desks and white boards donated, as well as extra copies of textbooks from the textbook companies), but are in dire need of all other school supplies necessary to run a classroom.


It’s not so much pencils/crayons/notebooks that they need desperately (but of course these would still be appreciated), but they need to buy copiers and printers and ink, and will probably have to print out most of their lessons for a while because the students have no books yet.  So they are asking for gift cards to places such as Staples, Office Depot, WalMart, etc. to help purchase these big items.


Other donations that would be greatly appreciated include white printer paper (they need a lot of this!) and white board supplies (markers, erasers, etc.).


Also, any sort of educational tools for elementary-aged children K-8 would be greatly appreciated, such as flash cards, games, workbooks, kits/supplies to make holiday crafts, etc. Pretty much anything that could be used as a teaching supplement, since they really don’t have much of anything right now.


There are boxes located in the Bliss Lounge, the main entrance to the Social Sciences Building, and the Lobby of the New Education Building.  Please drop off any donations you can!


Sigma Tau Delta will also be at a table in the Student Center on Monday, November 19, from 11:30 to 3:30 p.m. to collect monetary and material donations.”