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Doggie and Kitty Stress Relief Day 2013

On Sunday, May 5, TCNJ will run its second annual Doggie Stress Relief Day, featuring some of the friendly dogs and furry felines of TCNJ (and their human family members) from 5 to 6 pm.  Come meet the dogs in Alumni Grove (between Eickhoff Dining Hall and the Library) and the kitties in front of the Brower Student Center, if there is no rain.  (Unfortunately, the event will be cancelled if there is rain.)
Come and pet the dogs and cats and watch their tails wag while your final exam stress fades away!
The dogs planning to attend include:
Beauregard Dodd, a basset hound
Frieda Laughton, a standard poodle
Webster Rifkin, a golden retriever
Shadow Triponey, a husky mix
Harry Ruccio, a toy poodle
Harry Ruccio is a poodle.
Harry Ruccio










Mack Dubrule, an 11-week old mixed breed puppy





The cats in attendance, Dokda’pep’a and Jamaica Blue Goetz, are European Burmese:



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