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Welcome Class of 2018!

Dear Members of the HSS Class of 2018:

A sneak peek at the joys that come once your four years have been fulfilled here.

I imagine you’re enjoying the end of your senior year in high school, including your commencement ceremony and festivities.  Some of you may be getting ready for summer jobs or travel.  Whatever your plans are for the summer, I hope you are also thinking about the next phase of your life journey, the journey that will bring you to our beautiful campus.

Come on over to TCNJ, now! We promise you’ll cherish these years for the rest of your life…you’ll feel like royalty by the end.

All of us at TCNJ are working hard to prepare for your summer orientation and, of course, for your arrival in late August for Welcome Week and the beginning of your freshman year.

Join in on the fun by signing up for any and all student activities that might suit you.

As you plan, dream, and pack, you might find some inspiration in the advice offered to you by students who just graduated from TCNJ in the HSS Class of 2014.  Click here to read what they have to say to you.

My colleagues and I and your future classmates look forward to seeing you right here in Ewing very soon.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Dean,

Benjamin Rifkin