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Advising Resources for Open Option Students

Role of the Associate Dean as Academic Adviser:

  • Coordinates The Open Option Program and serves as the academic adviser for HSS Open Option students
  • Offers advice on course selection, assists with registration and facilitates entry in a major
  • Establishes and evaluates academic goals
  • Assists in understanding and navigating college policies and procedures
  • Connects students with other college programs and resources
  • Provides two types of advising: one-on-one and group advising

One-on-One Advising

  • Prior to each registration cycle: Students are expected to adhere to the developmental model of advising and come prepared to each advising appointment with a completed Open Option Planner.
  • The Associate Dean will help students explore career goals and provide current information from prospective departments
  • As appropriate, the Associate Dean might recommend that students:
    • Meet with department chairs and/or pre-major advisers in their prospective department
    • Meet with staff members in the Career Center to discuss and review career possibilities and goals

Group Advising

Group advising occurs during the  HSS 99 Open Option Orientation class. Each orientation class has an instructor and at least one peer adviser. The Associate Dean coordinates all sections and prepares all course material for the Instructors and for the peer advisers.

The peer adviser, an upper-level fellow student, provides an additional source of knowledge and the experience of being a student who entered TCNJ as Open Option in Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) and successfully made the transition to a Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) major or majors. In class, the instructor and peer adviser serve as facilitators, guiding students through the readings, class discussions, group activities, and assignments. Peer advisers also serve as mentors and assist students in selecting courses prior or during a registration cycle.

Other Resources