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Information for Students in Transition

Approximately 25% of TCNJ students enroll in the Open Option Program in the School of Humanities & Social Sciences (Humanities and Social Science). The majority of this group is constituted by entering freshmen. However, there is also a small group of upper level students, identified as students in transition, who come to Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS), from other TCNJ schools. They switch into the School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) to explore a major in that school. The Assistant Dean serves as their academic adviser until they complete the required foundation courses or are accepted in the new major.

Role of the Assistant Dean as Academic Adviser:

  • Serves as an academic adviser to students in transition within the School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS)

  • Offers advice on course selection, assists with registration and facilitates entry in a major

  • Establishes and evaluates academic goals

  • Assists in understanding and navigating college policies and procedures

  • Connects students with other college programs and resources