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Close Faculty Mentoring

Our faculty closely mentor each of their students because our School is a place where every student has a name, not a number.

While this mentoring occurs within regular course experiences, students also pursue independent studies and practicums, in which they partner with a faculty member to work on a specific project.

Bryan Furman ’12, who is pursuing dual degrees in Psychology and International Study, and is minoring in Central Eurasian Studies, said that working with such dedicated faculty members has been one of the highlights of his collegiate career at The College of New Jersey.

“It’s one of the main assets of the College,” he said. “I think that all of the faculty are very willing to work with students who show an interest in their field, and provide quite a number of resources that involve not only information…but internships (and) graduate school opportunities.”

He said that, in a larger institution, such mentoring would likely be impossible.

“I am very grateful that I have professors who are very knowledgeable in the fields I am studying, and who take a personal interest in my advancement,” he said.

Pictured above, Dr. Glenn Steinberg, Associate Professor of English, works with students.

Another example of this is the College’s MUSE (Mentored Undergraduate Summer Experience) Program, in which students spend part of their summer working on intensive research projects. This experience helps to grow our community intellectually and socially with students across many different fields of study.

Pictured below, Senior Hope Fine, left, works with Dr. Tamra Bireta, of the Psychology department. They are using an Audiometer, a device used to test hearing.