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Governance Advisory Council (GAC)

The HSS Governance Advisory Council

The HSS Governance Advisory Council provides a conduit for stakeholders (groups and/or individuals) within the school to raise issues and voice concerns about HSS policy and procedure as they pertain to the mission and goals of HSS.

Issues related to the operationalization of existing TCNJ or HSS policy in HSS departments are discussed at meetings of the HSS Chairs Council (see below).

Issues relevant to the development of new policies that affect members of HSS constituencies beyond faculty are forwarded to the Governance Advisory Council for its determination as to the appropriate venue for further discussion, whether in an Ad-Hoc committee consisting of representatives from two or all three of our on-campus constituencies (faculty, staff, students) or in one or more existing fora (e.g., Chairs Council, Department Meetings, HSS Staff Council, HSS Student Advisory Council, HSS Staff Council).

In accordance with the governance procedures of college standing committees, the HSS Governance Advisory Council receives input from HSS stakeholders on issues and problems within the school, reviews and evaluates those issues and problems, and finalizes recommendations to the Dean.

The evaluation and recommendation process always includes seeking input from HSS stakeholders (individuals and groups) in fora such as open discussions, meetings with the specific committees or councils, and formal and informal electronic response opportunities.

The HSS Governance Advisory Committee consists of representatives from each stakeholder group in HSS: currently, these groups are the HSS Chairs’ Council, HSS Staff Council, HSS faculty, and HSS Student Advisory Council.

Each stakeholder group selects or elects their representative(s) to the HSS Advisory Council.

Student representatives to the GAC serve one-year terms, while representatives from the faculty, the Chairs’ Council, and Staff Council serve two-year terms.

The chair of the Governance Advisory Council is elected to a one-year term. The terms of all members, and of the chair, are renewable.

The GAC holds one open forum each semester and reaches out by e-mail to all community members for questions and concerns. The dean may refer to the GAC questions or projects to consider and the GAC is charged to develop a process to address the question, which may involve the establishment of an ad hoc committee or task force.


The members of the GAC in 2014-2015 are:

Dr. Janet Gray, WGS, Chair of GAC

Dr. Bruce Stout, Chair of Criminology, Representative of the HSS Chairs’ Council

Dr. Nicholas Toloudis, Political Science, Representative of the Faculty

Dr. William Carter, History, Representative of the Faculty

Ms. Payal Ved, Chair of Student Advisory Council, Student Representative

Ms. Karen Dubrule, Program Assistant, Departments of African-American Studies and Sociology & Anthropology, HSS Staff Council Representative

To send a question or concern to the GAC, you may click on this link:


Click here for access to minutes from any HSS committee.