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Governance Advisory Council (GAC)

The HSS Governance Advisory Council


The HSS Governance Advisory Council was established in January of 2012 for the purpose of providing HSS stakeholders a forum for voicing concerns and raising issues about HSS policy and procedure as they pertain to the mission and goals of HSS. For more information on the council, and to see council minutes, please click here.

The Governance Advisory Council of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences consists of one representative from each stakeholder group in HSS: currently, these groups are the HSS Chair’s Council, HSS Staff Council, HSS Student Advisory Council, HSS Curriculum Committee, HSS Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee, and HSS Diversity Committee. Each stakeholder group selects its own representative to the HSS Governance Advisory Council. Governance Advisory Council representatives from the Student Advisory Council, Curriculum Committee, Assessment Committee and Diversity Committee serve one-year terms, while representatives from the Chair’s Council and Staff Council serve two-year terms. The chair of the Governance Advisory Council is elected by members of the GAC to a one-year term. The terms of all members, and of the chair, are renewable.

The HSS Governance Advisory Council provides a conduit for stakeholders (groups and/or individuals) within the school to raise issues and voice concerns about HSS policy and procedure as they pertain to the mission and goals of HSS. Any member of the HSS community may communicate a concern to the Governance Advisory Council by filling out the form at this website:

In accordance with the governance procedures of college standing committees, the HSS Governance Advisory Council will receive input from HSS stakeholders on issues and problems within the school, review and evaluate those issues and problems, and finalize recommendations to the Dean. The evaluation and recommendation process must include seeking input from HSS stakeholders (individuals and groups) in fora such as open discussions, meetings with the specific committees or councils, and formal and informal electronic response opportunities.

HSS Governance Advisory Council will determine its own meeting schedule on a needs basis, but must hold an open meeting at least once per semester, the first in late October and the second in late March

Click here for access to minutes from any HSS committee.

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