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Undeclared/Open Option HSS Program

The Undeclared/Open Option Program in the School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) is designed for those students who are not ready to declare a major but are interested in one or more programs within HSS. Undeclared students choose courses that fulfill requirements in the Liberal Learning Curriculum as well as courses in areas they are interested in exploring as possible majors. This program was removed as an application option and the last cohort of students entered TCNJ in Fall 2019. Any students in this program of study should address all questions to the Associate Dean of HSS.

A small number of students are being admitted into HSS Undeclared in Fall 2020.  This is a different program of study; these students will focus on issues of social justice with a focus on careers that serve the public good.  The goal is for these students to enter majors within the School of Humanities and Social Science that emphasize public service.

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Program Entrance, Retention, and Exit Standards

Every major program at the College has set standards for allowing students to remain in that program, to transfer within the College from one program to another, and to graduate from a program. The following are the standards for the Undeclared/Open Options in Humanities and Social Sciences Program:

  • Students may remain in the Humanities and Social Sciences Open Options program no longer than the second semester of their sophomore year.
  • Open Options students who are unable to make significant progress toward a major by the end of their sophomore year will become “UNDESIGNATED TRANSITIONAL” students.
  • In rare cases students may remain in the Open Options Program beyond the second semester of their sophomore year if they have shown significant progress toward a major or self-designed major.