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Meet the 2016 DAELA Students and Faculty Mentors

Congratulations to the 10 graduating Humanities and Social Sciences seniors who have excelled in the liberal arts for receiving the Dean’s Award for Excellence in the Liberal Arts (DAELA). According to the official DAELA page, students who win the award have exemplified the following throughout their courses and college careers:

  • Developed knowledge and engaged in creative activities
  • Studied and contributed to the solutions of local, national and global problems
  • Carefully examined cultural discourses from a variety of perspectives
  • Exercised ethical reasoning and compassion
  • Participated fully in our democracy
  • Advanced and sustained their communities

Meet the students and their faculty mentors below!

  • Dr. He Len Chung + Kirsten Christensen
  • Dr. Joseph Goebel + Zachary Dzierzgowski + Dr. Marimar Huguet-Jerez
  • Nicholas Macri + Dr. Brian Potter
  • Colleen Murphy + Professor Lounsberry
  • Stephanie Pilipshen + Dr. Emily Meixner
  • Steven Rodriguez + Dr. Robert McGreevey
  • Alyssa Scull + Dr. Elizabeth Borland
  • Dr. Jo Carney + Erin Shannon + Dr. Ann Marie Nicolosi
  • David Summerton + Dr. David Mazeika
  • Haiying Wei