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Israel and Palestine Events

Israel and Palestine in Context Series

These events are intended to provide information to help each of us, as members of the TCNJ community, contextualize the current situation in Israel and Palestine. The goal is to promote a greater understanding by delving into the complexities of the situation. Colleges are places of education, and this event series is meant to educate.


Dr. Deborah Hutton :

Dr. Zakiya R. Adair :

First Event (Fall 2023): Israel and Palestine in Context: A Discussion with TCNJ Faculty

This first event is intended to provide objective and nuanced information to help each of us, as members of the TCNJ community, contextualize the current situation in Israel and Palestine. It is not meant to advocate for one position or another. In keeping with TCNJ’s mission, this panel—the first of a series of events—is intended to provide a forum for education and conversation.


Wed, Nov 15, 4-6 pm, P101 Science Complex


Sarah Chartock, PhD, Political Science and International Studies

Miriam Lowi, PhD, Political Science and International Studies

Mindi McMann, PhD, English and International Studies

Miriam Shakow, PhD, Sociology and Anthropology and International Studies


Zakiya R. Adair, PhD Director International Studies

Sponsored by:

The Division of Inclusive Excellence

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Arts and Communication


Second Event (Spring 2024): Feminist Perspectives on Palestine

Wednesday February 28th 12:30 pm in EDU 115

Alma Khasawnih, TCNJ

Besan Jaber, Georgetown University

Heba Jahama, TCNJ

This is the second event in the Israel and Palestine in Context Series

Sponsored by: WGSS Department, HSS Dean’s Office and The Division of Inclusive Excellence







The third event in this series is currently being planned for Fall 2024

More information will be provided soon.

Some Useful Resources for Further Exploration:

Databases / Collections:

Reading Lists:

  • If Not Now Liberation Syllabus. If Not Now is “a movement of American Jews organizing [their] community to end U.S. support for Israel’s apartheid system and demand equality, justice, and a thriving future for all Palestinians and Israelis. This list contains resources for fiction, non-fiction, music, artists, podcasts, and other forms of media and culture.
  • Washington University in Saint Louis LibGuide on “Palestine, Israel, and the Arab-Israeli Conflict”


  • Charles D. Smith, Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict: A History with Documents, 10th edition (St. Martin’s Press, 2020).
  • Dov Waxman, The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: What Everyone Needs to Know (Oxford UP. 2019).
  • Miriam Lowi, Water and Power: the Politics of a Scarce Resource in the Jordan River Basin (Cambridge University Press, 1995).


Graphic Novels:


  • The Present (2020). constraints of life on the West Bank. available on vimeo
  • Farha (2021). 1948. Available on netflix
  • The Chicago Palestinian Film festival has made all of their films available online for free hrough December 31, 2023.
  • The new documentary Israelism has various free online screenings. Check the website for dates and registration.

Podcast Episodes:

The Ezra Klein Show:

  • “An Intense, Searching Conversation with Amjad Iraqi,” 11/10/23
  • “What Israelis Fear the World Does Not Understand,” 11/7/23
  • Interview with Amaney Jamal, 11/2/23

NYT “The Daily”

“1948” 11/3/23

Several clips from Democracy Now.Org: The War and Peace Report:

Jewish-Israeli & Jewish-Palestinian Human Rights organizations:

Resources for discussing Anti-Muslim and Anti-Arab Racism

Apartheid Sources

Ethnic Cleansing Sources

Genocide Sources

Settler Colonialism Sources

  • Murphyao, Amanda and Kelly Black “Unsettling Settler Belonging: (Re)naming and Territory Making in the Pacific Northwest,” American Review of Canadian Studies, vol. 45 no. 3, 2015, pp. 315-331.
  • Veracini, Lorenzo, “Introduction: Settler Colonialism as a Distinct Mode of Domination,” The Routledge Handbook of the History of Settler Colonialism, edited by Edward Cavanagh and Lorenzo Veracini, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016.
  • Wolfe, Patrick, Settler Colonialism and the Transformation of Anthropology: the Politics and Poetics of an Ethnographic Event, Cassell, London, 2019.

Sources on Nationalism

  • Gerstle, Gary. 2002. American Crucible: Race and Nation in the Twentieth Century. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press.
  • Hobsbawm, Eric, and Terrence Ranger. 2012. The Invention of Tradition. Cambridge University Press.
  • Anderson, Benedict. 1991. Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origins and Spread of Nationalism. Verso.



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