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Academic Resources / Policies

The College publishes all policies in an on-line manual.  If you have questions or concerns about interpreting a policy, reach out to your academic advisor or relevant office on campus.

Please be aware that the College has specific policies regarding course grade appeals:

“A student who wishes to file a written grade appeal must inform the department chair within a period of fifteen calendar days after meeting with the instructor of the course. In cases where the student was unable to establish contact with the professor, a written appeal must be filed with the department chair within thirty calendar days after the end of the semester in which
the grade was posted. For the purposes of grade appeals, “end of the semester” is defined as the last day that grades are due in a given term. This date can be found on the TCNJ academic calendar. In cases where grades are submitted after the official deadline, a student may file a grievance up to thirty days after the grade is posted.”  The full policy can be found here:  Grade Appeal.


For issues related to advising, please view the HSS Advising Resources for Students.

Here are some offices across campus that are available with resources to help you succeed academically and professionally:

The Tutoring Center

“The Tutoring Center provides services that facilitate TCNJ students’ learning and persistence as they meet academic challenges throughout their academic careers.”

The Center for Student Success

“CSS is the Center for Student Success. The Center was established to provide all students with access to personalized coaching and advisement with the goal of strengthening their academic performance and promoting student success and retention. The staff is dedicated to the academic success and development of the whole student.”

The Career Center

“Our center supports the College’s mission by fostering an environment that encourages students’ career development through academic, leadership and experiential education.”

          LionsLink has been changed over the 2017 summer.  You must log in to update your profile, even if you have been active in  LionsLink last year, upload a new resume, and check email for confirmation link to active the account.  Then, you can begin searching and applying for internships and full time opportunities as well as schedule Career Center appointments.

Other Resources