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Advising Resources for Students

Interested in transferring into an HSS major or adding an HSS second major or minor or concentration?

Each department publishes change of major requirements and retention standards.  Here are the current standards: Change of Major Requirements.  Also, please make use of the What-If report in PAWS.  Liberal Learning requirements may change if you change your major or add a second major.

Interdisciplinary Concentrations are another mechanism to explore your interests and support your major or minor course of study.  Many of the concentrations are associated with HSS departments.  These concentrations structure your Liberal Learning requirements around a theme.

TCNJ also has policies about how courses are allowed to count across majors or minors or concentrations.  The college policy that describes these rules “Types of Majors and Minors Defined” can be found in the TCNJ policy manual.

Current students in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The main resource for all academic matters is the TCNJ Bulletin (  Students can view requirements related to their major and college-wide programs, such as liberal learning.  This is a great resources for thinking about graduation requirements and how to maximize the academic experience at TCNJ.  We also have an advising policy for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.  Students sign the Academic Advising Agreement during their first semester at TCNJ, and students and faculty both have active roles in the advising process.   If students have questions about the TCNJ agreement or the Humanities and Social Sciences policy, they may contact the Dean’s Office.

Departmental Advising Materials

Each department publishes advising newsletters for students.  For the current semester and to view the archive, please see the Advising Materials from Departments.  Advising materials are posted at least 3 weeks prior to registration for the next semester.

You may also want to consider adding Languages Across the Curriculum credit to one of your courses.  This wonderful program allows you to use your non-English language in non-language TCNJ courses.

Liberal Learning Courses

The HSS099 orientation courses in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences provide information on selecting Liberal Learning courses.  Please refer back to all of these resources throughout your time at TCNJ.  As a reminder, you can also access information about Liberal Learning courses on their website:  Your goal is to carefully select courses that match your interests and support your program of study or outside interests.

Questions about PAWS, transfer credits, test credits, or graduation?

Records & Registration maintains an Advising Guide that answers questions about transferring courses, test credits, and graduation.  Please visit their website: Advising Resources.  We also have a helpful PAWS guide:  Student Guide to Navigating PAWS (Advising and Registration Features).