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Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Coordinator: Mindi McMann

The minor in Holocaust and Genocide Studies provides a broad interdisciplinary education on the Holocaust and other genocides of the 20th and 21st centuries. This curriculum helps students develop a grasp of the history of the Holocaust, as well as its precipitating factors and legacy.  In addition, students will gain an understanding of other genocides and be able to compare them. Students will be challenged to think critically and to examine the assumptions concerning issues of the Holocaust, genocide and peace. They will learn how extreme prejudice leads to state killing policies and how such ideas become “naturalized” and rationalized in social programs. They will also have the opportunity to explore ways to resolve conflict peacefully and study ethical decision making. With a deeper understanding of prejudice, discrimination, racism, and anti-Semitism, students should be able to better analyze contemporary local, national, and global political situations and movements and to think critically about ethical responsibility.

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Five courses, two from “Required” and three from “Options”

Required: The required courses will introduce students to Holocaust and Comparative Genocide Studies.

HGS      200/Genocide and Human Rights

Choose one from list below:

HIS       325/Modern Germany

LIT        380/Representations of the Holocaust

REL      320/Holocaust: Historical and Religious Perspectives*


HGS      210/Non-Violence and Peace Action

HGS      370/Topics in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

HGS      391/Independent Study**

HGS      399/Internship**

HIS       187/Topics in World History (When Topic is Memory & WWII)

HIS       324/Women in Eastern Europe 1848 – Present

HIS       325/Modern Germany*

HIS       352/Colonial and Modern Africa

HIS       456/Reading Seminar in History – Modern Africa***

LIT       317 The Witch in Literature

LIT        380/Representations of the Holocaust*

LIT        499/Seminar in Research and Theory****

REL      320/Holocaust: Historical and Religious Perspectives*

WGS    222/Non-Violence and Peace Action

WGS     235/Gender and Violence

WGS    310/Women in Eastern Europe 1848 – Present

*This course may not be taken as an Option if already taken as a Requirement

**The fifth course may be earned by internship or an independent study, approved by the Holocaust and Genocide Studies coordinator and a faculty sponsor. Relevant courses in the student’s major may also be counted for the fifth course, with approval from the Holocaust and Genocide Studies coordinator.

*** When the topic is Conflict and Reconciliation in African History

**** When topic is “Post-memory and the Holocaust” or “Representations of the Holocaust”, or “Testimony and the Holocaust”


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