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Undeclared Humanities and Social Sciences Designation

The Undeclared program in the School of Humanities & Social Sciences (HSS) is designed for students who think that they would like to pursue one or more majors within HSS, are interested in developing their knowledge of social justice issues, and would like to take some time to choose their study focus.

HSS Undeclared students complete the same first year academic requirements as students who enter TCNJ with a declared HSS major. For example, students who enter with a declared HSS major and HSS Undeclared students both typically take 4 units in their first semester at TCNJ, including (1) a major class*, (2) a College Core class**, (3) a writing class: either FYW 102: Academic Writing or a First Year Seminar course, and (4) a language class.

*HSS Undeclared students’ major class includes an introductory class that will help them to begin their exploration of HSS’ 15 established major offerings: African American Studies, Anthropology, Criminology, English, English Secondary Education, History, History Secondary Education, International Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies; and World Languages and Linguistics.

**To fulfill a fall College Core class, and in keeping with the HSS Undeclared program’s social justice focus, the 4th unit in the first fall semester for HSS Undeclared students is typically one of TCNJ’s interdisciplinary Social Justice minor Core courses: AAS 150: Introduction to Social Justice and/or WGS 200: Introduction to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.

Students who minor in Social Justice are introduced to the complexity of social justice issues, and are able to recognize inequalities and gain the skills needed to address unjust practices in a variety of settings. By taking one of the minor’s Core courses in their first semester as TCNJ, HSS undeclared students are put on a path to declare this minor early on. (Learn more about HSS minor offerings.)

(For additional HSS academic and program requirement information, » View Undergraduate Bulletin.)


HSS Undeclared students are advised by the Advising Coordinator, Kristy McCadden. Students:

Build community: Over the course of seven weeks in the 1st fall semester, all HSS Undeclared students take an HSS.099 Orientation class together where they learn about College academics, HSS major and minor options, and campus academic and non-academic support resources. As a part of the HSS Undeclared program’s focus on social justice, they also take one of the Social Justice minor core courses (as mentioned above) together.

Are Supported: HSS Undeclared students meet with their dedicated advisor at least once a semester to review coursework and plan for the upcoming semester. Additional meetings are encouraged and occur as needed throughout the semester. Students are also guided through their “Change of Major” process. While many HSS Undeclared students transfer into an HSS major within their first year of study, students are strongly encouraged to declare their major by no later than the end of the sophomore year. This is the time when most students start to really focus on material specific to their discipline.

For additional information about advisement for HSS students, visit the HSS Advising Resources for Students webpage.

HSS UNDECLARED STANDARDS (from the 2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin)

Students cannot transfer within the College into the Undeclared designation.

Students may remain as Undeclared in the Humanities and Social Sciences through the second semester of their sophomore year. In rare cases students may continue in the HSS Undeclared Program beyond the second semester of their sophomore year if they have shown significant progress toward a major or self-designed major.

Undeclared students who are unable to make significant progress toward a major by the end of their sophomore year will become “Undesignated Transitional” students.

Kristy McCadden
HSS Advising Coordinator
Advisor to HSS Undeclared Students

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Undeclared Testimonials

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