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HSS Peer Mentors

The HSS Peer Mentors are a group of highly committed students focused on building community within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and across campus. With an emphasis on student engagement, personal development, inclusion, and wellness, our mentors are enthusiastic about helping their peers transition to college life at TCNJ.

Executive Board

Carolyn Carmody
Carolyn Carmody '24 President History

Isaiah Forrest
Isaiah Forrest Mentor Development Director Criminology and Psychology

Amelia Laubsch
Amelia Laubsch '25 Vice President Political Science

Nic Nasso
Nic Nasso '24 Marketing Chair History Secondary Education

Wafa Qureshi
Wafa Qureshi '25 Mentor Development Director Political Science

Peer Mentors

Chelsea Berwick
Chelsea Berwick '26 History Secondary Education

Angie Bianchi
Angie Bianchi '25 Elementary Education, Psychology

Madeline Breeze
Madeline Breeze '24 Political Science

Zenaiya (Zen-Eye-Uh) Burgess
Zenaiya (Zen-Eye-Uh) Burgess English and African American Studies

Patrick Callahan
Patrick Callahan Criminology

Jen Castro
Jen Castro Special Education, English

Roshni Dave
Roshni Dave English; Women’s, Gender, and Sexualilty Studies

Yamilet DeAvila
Yamilet DeAvila Psychology and Criminology

Gia DiNatale
Gia DiNatale Psychology

Alec Thomas Ferguson
Alec Thomas Ferguson History Secondary Education

Cole Fitzgerald
Cole Fitzgerald English Secondary Education

Elijaah Forrest
Elijaah Forrest History Secondary Education

Catherine Gonzalez
Catherine Gonzalez '26 English Secondary Education

Ruby Hong
Ruby Hong Political Science

Kevin Janas
Kevin Janas '26 Criminology

Rob Kelly
Rob Kelly Political Science

Katie Kline
Katie Kline Psychology

Kristiana Kuras
Kristiana Kuras Political Science and Philosophy

Melissa LaPointe
Melissa LaPointe '25 Special/Elementary Education, Psychology

Bianca Luna
Bianca Luna Psychology

Hope Margarum
Hope Margarum '26 International Studies

Jess Mirkin
Jess Mirkin '24 Criminology

Luna Moore
Luna Moore English and Communication Studies

Madison Poulas
Madison Poulas '25 Political Science

Sarah Renz
Sarah Renz '26 History Secondary Education

Erin Ryan
Erin Ryan History Secondary Education

Mikaela Seabrook
Mikaela Seabrook Kinesiology and Sociology

Avina Sharma
Avina Sharma English Secondary Education

Victoria Tomczyk
Victoria Tomczyk Criminology and Communication Studies

Nicole Vassallo
Nicole Vassallo English Secondary Education

Chloe Yadav
Chloe Yadav Psychology

Matthew Yuro
Matthew Yuro Special Education, Elementary Education, and History


School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Social Sciences Building, Room 302
The College of New Jersey
P.O. Box 7718
2000 Pennington Rd.
Ewing, NJ 08628