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Course overload process in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Did you know that students can take 5 classes a semester if they meet eligibility criteria?

Common reasons for applying for an overload are needing to fulfill major or minor requirements, wanting to take a course that is not offered regularly, to take an intensive-language, or to complete an independent course (study, research, thesis, or internship).

The normal course load for HSS majors is 4 units but students may take up to 4.5 units without permission. Students who have earned 8 units at the college and maintain a 3.3 cumulative TCNJ GPA may request an overload for a maximum of 5 course units in any one semester. There is no maximum limit to the number of overload semesters.

First-year students, with less than 8 TCNJ earned units, may apply for an overload to take an intensive language after they have a TCNJ GPA. We do not approve overloads for the Winter Term or Summer Session I because there are not enough hours in 3 weeks to meet the contact-hour requirement for more than 1 course. Classes taken at a community college count toward these limits and so you need to be sure that you are staying within the course unit limit when you combine the courses that you are taking across institutions. For example, you could not take 4 units at TCNJ and 1.5 units at a Community College in the same semester.

You do not need any approval to take 4.5 units. If you are interested in taking 4.75 or 5 units:

  1. You should complete the online Overload Interest Form found at:
  2. Completing the form will automatically generate an email that will be sent to your Department Chair, who will reach out to you for advising. They may ask you why you are requesting the overload, review your academic record, and talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages of overloading given your proposed coursework. The Department Chair will communicate directly with the Associate Dean. She will then correspond with you about your overload request.


The Center for Student Success offers Peer Academic Coaching for students who wish to seek additional support prior to meeting with their academic advisor.

Advising materials for students and faculty in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences for Fall 2023 are posted below.

Information about Waitlists for courses can be found on Records & Registration Waitlist webpage.

Students can search for courses that meet College Core requirements using the College Core Course Search.

Please click below to view the advising materials provided by each department in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences:

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