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Healthcare Careers

Students in any HSS major can go to medical school, dental school, veterinary school, as well as post-graduate programs in physical and occupational therapy and other health care fields.

You can combine the pre-med (and pre-health care) courses with any HSS major. Indeed, every year HSS graduates who majored in Psychology, English, History, Philosophy and more go on to medical school.

Students interested in post-graduate studies related to the health care field (including medical school, dental school, veterinary school, etc.) should reach out to the faculty advisor for HSS majors going on to health care careers, Dr. Margaret (Betsy) Ruddy in the Psychology Department; her office is in room 119 of the Social Science Building.  She will be able to add you to the Health Professions Student Group in PAWS and provide academic advising.

Any questions or concerns about classes required for medical school should be directed to the HSS Dean’s Office and not the School of Science.

» Learn more about post-graduate work in the health care field on the medical careers advisory website


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