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TODAY’S Events: International House Film Fest, Sex Positivity, and MissRepresentation Gender Movie

www-501761Fri., Nov. 21        IEW:  Study Abroad Information Table BSC 11:30 to 1:30

Fri., Nov. 21        RSW:  MissRepresentation:  Come watch the eye-opening movie on gender representation in all forms:  Education 206 at 12:30.

Fri., Nov. 21        RSW:  Sex Toy Party to explore sex-positive attitudes at 7 pm in the Women’s Center (BSC Basement).

Fri., Nov. 21        IEW:  International House International Film Fest, Townhouses South Lounge at 7 pm

TODAY’S Events: Resource Wars, Asexuality Advocates, and TCNJ Across the Globe

Thurs., Nov. 20   RSW:  #HeForSheTCNJ:  Calling all men!  Come show your support for gender equality by participating in TCNJ’s own HeForShe campaign.  Take a photo and take a stand.  Learn more about this initiative at 12:30 pm in Bliss Lounge. Thurs., Nov. 20   Exploring Economic Justice:  Dr. Michael Rubenstein, SUNY-Stony Brook, will give a talk…Continue Reading

TODAY’S Events: Modern Ideas about Sex, Feminism, and Mental Health

Tues., Nov. 18    RSW:  Inter”sex”tionality:  At 12:30 pm in BSC 210 there will be a discussion panel on cultural influences on sexuality.  Learn more about the term “intersectionality” and hear about it from your peers. Tues., Nov. 18    “Welcoming Wellness:  A Night of Connection and Support” will be held at 6:30 pm in Roscoe West…Continue Reading

TODAY’S Events: The Economics of Alcohol, Health Care Inequality, and A Poetic Homage to the Victims of Tiananmen Square

Fri., Nov. 14                Talk by Dr. Margaret Martinetti (Psychology) entitled “From Dollar Bud Bottles to Cristal Champagne: The Behavioral Economics of Alcohol Consumption” at 12:30 pm in Education 113 Fri., Nov. 14                “Overcoming Inequality in Health Care Access: The Contribution of Health Communication” by Dr. K. Viswanath from the Harvard School of Public Health at…Continue Reading

TODAY’S Events: The Moral Imperative of Full Employment and “Sleep Dealer” Screening

Thurs., Nov. 13          Exploring Economic Justice Series:  Lecture by Dr. Robert Pollin, Distinguished Professor of Economics at U. of Massachusetts-Amherst, on “The Economic Logic Moral Imperative of Full Employment” at 7 pm in the Library Auditorium. Thurs., Nov. 13          Screening of the Film Sleep Dealer , “a dystopian fable disguised as sci-fi adventure, exuberantly entertaining” (NY Times),…Continue Reading

TODAY’S Events: Compassion in Finance, Good Policies to Bad Politics, and TCNJ’s Sarnoff Lecture

Wed., Nov. 12             Dining Out in Professional Style from noon to 4 pm (you don’t have to be there the whole time).  Register here:  Send your questions to Ms. Lynette Harris at Wed., Nov. 12             “Beyond Success: Finance and Compassion,” a presentation by Jeff Gitterman, award-winning CEO and author, will be held from 1-2 pm…Continue Reading

THIS WEEK: Award-Winning Sundance Filmmaker Comes to Campus

This and next week we have a very exciting guest, Alex Rivera, who has won a Sundance Award, among others, for his innovative, technologically-driven and fantastical films that deal with modern political issues. This coming Thursday, Nov. 13, there will be a screening of his ground-breaking, critically-acclaimed film called “Sleep Dealer,” which is a “a dystopian…Continue Reading

TODAY’S Event: War of the Words!

Mon., Nov. 10       War of the Words: Come see (and perhaps participate) in brief debates, serious and funny, at 5 pm in the Social Science Atrium.  Among the debaters will be members of TCNJ’s Society for Parliamentary Debate and members of TCNJ’s Philosophy Society.  But you don’t have to be a member…Continue Reading

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