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Crossing Borders: HSS Students Present on Feminism, Power and Technology in Puerto Rico

Erin, Natalia, Aman and David-2
Erin Shannon ’16, Natalia Zak ’16, Aman Gill ’15, and David Sanchez ’16 at NWSA 2014 in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Four HSS students presented at the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) – Feminist Transgressions, November 13-16, 2014 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Aman Gill ’15 and David Sanchez ’16 presented: “Doing Feminist Activism and Research Digitally”

Aman and David
Aman Gill and David Sanchez

“Faculty and students will present together and discuss the possibility of using new digital tools to challenge and transform feminist pedagogies. This roundtable addresses the scholarly and activist potential—and problems—of using new digital tools in women’s studies classes. ” (NWSA Program) Their panel explored digital humanities; more specifically, they discussed how feminist research methods promote collaborative work and move away from inserting a narrative over the population we are working with. During the summer of 2014, Aman and David worked with a faculty mentor through the MUSE program, which facilitates undergraduate research and relationships between undergraduate students and professors.

This research focused on building a digital platform for women in Tanzania to share their stories relating to maternity and women’s maternal health. Although billions of dollars is being spent to address the haunting child mortality rate in Tanzania, little progress was made over a decade. This digital platform will hopefully serve as a venue for women to communicate with an audience of health practitioners and others who are not hearing what the women have to say about their own bodies and health. The presentation of this summer research focused on the specific tools we used to curate the stories and images collected from Tanzanian women during three workshops in rural Zanzibar. Additionally, we framed the project in the feminist theory and epistemology which influenced the way in which we presented this information.

Erin and Natalia-3
Natalia Zak and Erin Shannon

Erin Rose Shannon ’16 and Natalia Zak ’16 presented: Labors of Love: Lessons Learned in Faculty-Student Research with Teenage Girls.

In it, the students discussed how power, age, and generation plays out when doing student-faculty qualitative research with teenage girls. It investigatesd relational dynamics in the research process across three generations of women and girls, and identifies lessons learned for future feminist “labors of love.”

The Fall 2014 HSS Awards for Academic Excellence

Every year the School of Humanities and Social Sciences selects outstanding seniors in each major and in each minor that does not have a major for recognition for academic excellence in their chosen field.  The group gathers together for an evening in which faculty who have mentored these students present their students with the award,…Continue Reading

TCNJ Alumna Becomes Newest Librarian

Marci Zane was a graduate of the class of 2003, leaving with Summa Cum Laude honors and B.A. in English and concentration in Secondary Education, and she’s now come back for a second round–but this time, she’s working for students.Continue Reading

TODAY’S Events: International House Film Fest, Sex Positivity, and MissRepresentation Gender Movie

Fri., Nov. 21        IEW:  Study Abroad Information Table BSC 11:30 to 1:30 Fri., Nov. 21        RSW:  MissRepresentation:  Come watch the eye-opening movie on gender representation in all forms:  Education 206 at 12:30. Fri., Nov. 21        RSW:  Sex Toy Party to explore sex-positive attitudes at 7 pm in the Women’s Center (BSC Basement). Fri., Nov. 21       …Continue Reading

TODAY’S Events: Resource Wars, Asexuality Advocates, and TCNJ Across the Globe

Thurs., Nov. 20   RSW:  #HeForSheTCNJ:  Calling all men!  Come show your support for gender equality by participating in TCNJ’s own HeForShe campaign.  Take a photo and take a stand.  Learn more about this initiative at 12:30 pm in Bliss Lounge. Thurs., Nov. 20   Exploring Economic Justice:  Dr. Michael Rubenstein, SUNY-Stony Brook, will give a talk…Continue Reading

TODAY’S Events: Modern Ideas about Sex, Feminism, and Mental Health

Tues., Nov. 18    RSW:  Inter”sex”tionality:  At 12:30 pm in BSC 210 there will be a discussion panel on cultural influences on sexuality.  Learn more about the term “intersectionality” and hear about it from your peers. Tues., Nov. 18    “Welcoming Wellness:  A Night of Connection and Support” will be held at 6:30 pm in Roscoe West…Continue Reading

TODAY’S Events: The Economics of Alcohol, Health Care Inequality, and A Poetic Homage to the Victims of Tiananmen Square

Fri., Nov. 14                Talk by Dr. Margaret Martinetti (Psychology) entitled “From Dollar Bud Bottles to Cristal Champagne: The Behavioral Economics of Alcohol Consumption” at 12:30 pm in Education 113 Fri., Nov. 14                “Overcoming Inequality in Health Care Access: The Contribution of Health Communication” by Dr. K. Viswanath from the Harvard School of Public Health at…Continue Reading

TODAY’S Events: The Moral Imperative of Full Employment and “Sleep Dealer” Screening

Thurs., Nov. 13          Exploring Economic Justice Series:  Lecture by Dr. Robert Pollin, Distinguished Professor of Economics at U. of Massachusetts-Amherst, on “The Economic Logic Moral Imperative of Full Employment” at 7 pm in the Library Auditorium. Thurs., Nov. 13          Screening of the Film Sleep Dealer , “a dystopian fable disguised as sci-fi adventure, exuberantly entertaining” (NY Times),…Continue Reading

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