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American Films with Russian Content

On July 31, 2013 I posted the following query to SEELANGs:

Dear Colleagues:

I’m putting together a series of US and Russian films that depict both cultures.  I have a couple of Russian films to start with – Brat 2, American Daughter, Barber of Siberia – but I’d appreciate suggestions of more Russian films that depict Americans and American films that depict Russian characters and Russian culture.  All I’m coming up with are these: 

Rocky 4

Russia House


Moscow on the Hudson

Red Dawn

The Russians Are Coming

Dr Strangelove

Thanks for any suggestions you may offer.


Ben Rifkin

In the week that followed more than 40 SEELANGers suggested more than 90 films and provided additional information as well. I  have compiled that information and it is listed below.  I thank all those who wrote in to suggest a title (or two or three or more).  Special thanks to Helena Goscilo, who provided an extraordinary list she and her sister compiled for another project.  Dates are listed next to film titles when those dates were provided with the film suggestion. – BR

American Films with Russian Characters (98)

15 Minutes 2001

5 Days of War

Air Force One 1997

Americans, The (TV series – current)

Amerika (TV series)

An American Tail

Anastasia (1956)

Anastasia (animated version)

Anna Karenina

Armageddon 1998


Birthday Girl

Black and White

Bourne Supremacy

Boy from Stalingrad, the

Broken Promises

Brothers Karamazov

Cast Away 2000

Chernobyl Diaries (Ukraine)

Company Business 1991

Comrade X

Cossacks, The

Crimson Tide 1985

Days of Glory

Deep Impact 1998

Defiance (Belarus)

Despicable Me 2

Doctor Zhivago

Eastern Promises

Enemy At the Gates

Everything Is Illuminated (Ukraine)

Felix All Puzzled (available on youtube)

Fiddler on the Roof


From Russia with Love

Girl from Petrovka, The

Glass Bottom Boat, The

Golden Eye

Good Day to Die Hard, A

Gorky Park

Great Catherine

In Plain Sight (TV series – some episodes)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Inspector General

Iron Man 2

Iron Petticoat, The

Jackal, The 1997

Journey, The

K-19, The Widowmaker 2002

Knock on Wood

Last Station, The

Law & Order (TV series – some episodes)

Little Odessa

Local Hero (British)

Love and Death

Luzhin Defense, The

Miracle 2004

Mission to Moscow

Mission Impossible IV:  Ghost Protocol

Money Pit, The


Moscow on the Hudson

Mute Witness



Onegin (Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler)

Peacemaker, The 1997

Red Heat

Red Nightmare (Department of Defense Production:  on youtube)

Red October

Red Planet Mars (1952)


Russia House

Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming!, The

Saint, The 1997

Scarlet Empress

Silk Stockings


Song of Russia

Space Cowboys 2000

Spies Like Us

Spinning Boris 2003 — very good for showing American smugness; it’s about Yeltsin’s election

Taras Bulba


Third Man, The

Three Russian Girls

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

To Russia With Love




Twelve Chairs, The (Mel Brooks version)

Virus 1999


War and Peace


What a Country (TV series with Yakov Smirnov)

White Nights

Wonder Man


Russian Films with American Characters (31)

10 Days that Shook the World

Amerikan boi 1992

Amerikanskaia doch’ 1995

Amerikanskii dedushka 1993

Amerikanskii shpion 1991

Brat 2 2000

Chelovek s bul’vara Kaputsinov

Dikaia liubov’ 1993

Diuba-Diuba 1992

Garri Barden, Kot v sapogakh

Jack Vos’merkin – Amerikanets

Kapitan Vrungel

Miss Mend

Mr. West in the Land of the Bol’sheviks

Na Deribasovskoi khoroshaia pogoda, ili na Braiton Bich opiat’ idut dozhdi

Na Granatovykh ostrovakh

Odinochnoe plavanie

Ograblenie po … (Gamburg)

Oligarkh 2003

Ostrov (Khitruks animation) – on youtube

Priiatel’ pokoinika 1997

Reis 222

Sibirskii tsiriul’nik 1998

Sluchai v kvadrate 36-80

Stereotypes (by Gamburg) – on youtube

Taksi-bliuz 1990


Ty u menia odna 1993

Voroshilovskii strelok 1999

Vse budet khorosho 1995

Ya – Kuba


Harlow Robinson’s Russians in Hollywood, Hollywood’s Russians:  Biography of an Image

Article on cold war films by Andrey Shcherbenok in Kinokultura :

Special Issue of Russian Review, April 2005 dedicated to Holywood Russia with essays by Olga Matich, Oksana Bulgakova and Beth Holmgren

Shadows of Russia Festival on Turner Classic Movies:


SEELANGs Members Who Contributed to This List (45)

Beale, James

Beattie, Simon

Besserglik, Bernard

Blake, Elizabeth

Bliss, Liv

Brostrom, Ken

Carr, Christopher

Dunn, John

Eubanks, Ivan

Fusso, Susanne

Gallagher, Paul

Goldberg, Stuart

Goscilo, Helena

Graber, David

Harris, Adrienne

Harte, Tim

Holmgren, Beth

Hurst, Sarah

Juric, Dorian

Kalbouss, George

Kirjanov-Mueller, Daria

Kononenko, Natalie

Kovalevskaya, Tatyana

Lavine, Ludmila

Lyles, John

Mills, Charles

Nola (

Olenina, Ana

Pontieri, Laura

Rivers, William

Robinson, Harlow

Ryan, Chris

Ryan, Will

Saunders, Emily

Smith, Melissa

Soglasnova, Lana

Spektor, Sasha

Srebrianski-Harwell, Xenia

Stefani, Sara

Stone, Jon

Timko, Karen

Townsend, Charles

Urbaszewski, Laura

Vadim (Sentinel76 Astrakhan)

Vanchu, Anthony

Verkade, Thalia

Vivaldi, Giuliano

Wilmes, Dusty

Woodsworth, John

Yoffe, Mark


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