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HSS Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee

For the Development and Approval of Departmental Plans to Assess Learning Outcomes in HSS

August 24, 2011, Revised December 17, 2014

Each HSS Department is required to develop a plan to assess learning outcomes in each major in accordance with the learning outcomes specified in its strategic plan and mission statement.  The development of the learning outcomes assessment plan is scheduled for the year immediately following the development or revision of the departmental strategic plan and mission statement.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences has a Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee; every department or program that has a major has a representative serving on this committee or will have a member of the committee designated as a liaison to the department.  In addition, a representative from the Center for Institutional Effectiveness, serves on this committee ex officio.

The role of the committee liaison is to help the department develop its assessment plan.  The role of the committee is to review and approve departmental assessment plans and subsequent assessment reports (submitted annually).  This committee is also charged with responding to departmental assessment reports, suggesting questions for consideration in response to the data and analysis of the data.


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