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Don’t Miss! Exploring Liberty Seminar Feb. 19-20

A message from Dr. James S. Taylor: TCNJ will be hosting a *wonderful* conference on “Exploring Liberty” on Feb. 19th (in the evening) and 20th. This won’t be the usual conference — where professors lecture at you and you ask a few desultory questions afterwards! — but will be thoroughly interactive, with students and professors discussing the… Continue Reading

Meet the 2015 HSS Academic Excellence Award Winners

Congratulations to the Humanities and Social Sciences students who received the Academic Excellence Award in their respective majors and minors on Friday, October 23. From countless hours of research, lengthy papers, internships, labs and study abroad programs, these students do it all!         Photos by Sarah Ratner Post by Kimberly Ilkowski Continue Reading

Dr. Lynn Gazley and interdisciplinary team win major NSF grant

Earlier this month, the National Science Foundation awarded sociology professor Lynn Gazley and her interdisciplinary team a major grant for their proposal, “FIRSTS (Foundation for Increasing and Retaining STEM Students) Program: A bridge program to study the sociological development of science identities.” In conjunction with professors in the sciences, including Sudhir Nayak (biology), Benny Chan… Continue Reading

Karen Dubrule wins 2015 Helen Shaw Staff Excellence Award

Congratulations to Karen Dubrule (center), program assistant in sociology and anthropology, for being amongst the winners of the 2015 Helen Shaw Staff Excellence and Special Achievement Award! Other winners include, Angela Lauer Chong, AVP and Dean of Students; Jack Fehn, committee convener; and Alexander Novak, crew supervisor in the electrical shop. Photo courtesy of TCNJ Continue Reading

Dr. Emily Meixner wins English Leadership Quarterly Best Article of the Year

Congratulations to Dr. Emily Meixner, associate professor of English and coordinator of the Secondary English Education program at the College, for winning English Leadership Quarterly Best Article of the Year. Entitled, “Nurturing Teacher Leadership through Homegrown Professional Development,” Meixner wrote the piece after seeing tremendous success from her How To Teach Seminars. “When I first… Continue Reading

Meet the new members of the HSS faculty

Professor Mekala Audain Joining the College’s History department with a variety of new course ideas, Professor Mekala Audain hopes she can challenge students to rethink their understanding of significant periods in U.S. history. Audain received her Ph.D. in History from Rutgers University-New Brunswick. With the department’s rigorous training in African American history and exceptional faculty… Continue Reading