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HSS Planning Reports

Planning Documents for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

At The College of New Jersey

Click on the link in each cell to download a document once it is ready for public dissemination as indicated by the year and a live link in the given cell.


Department or Program

Strategic Plan

Assessment Plan

Assessment Report 1

AR 2




African-American Studies AFAM STRATEGIC PLAN 2015 after approval and implement-ation of major
Criminology Crim Strategic Plan 2014 Learning objectives have been submitted; LOAC will review plan in March 2014
English English Strategic Plan 2013 2014
History History-StrategicPlan-May2012 2013  2014
International Studies IS-StrategicPlan2014 2015
Journalism & Professional Writing JPW-StrategicPlan-2015 2016
Philosophy, Religion, and Classical Studies PRC-StrategicPlan-May2012 2013  2013  2014
Political Science PoliSci-StrategicPlan-July2011 2012  2013 2014
Psychology PsychologyStrategicPlan2011 2012  2013  2014
Sociology & Anthropology Sociology-StrategicPlan-April2012 2013  2014
Women’s & Gender Studies WGS-StrategicPlan-June2011 2012  2013 2014 report will be reviewed by LOAC in March 2015
World Languages & Cultures WLC-StrategicPlan-Apr2011 2012                       2015 Revision  2013  2014